Why Blog Badly

The world doesn’t need another blog, and it certainly doesn’t need one as low effort as mine. So why bother at all? It’s not about the world. It’s me. You see, I have many thoughts on many things. These thoughts have the bad habit of turning into firmly held opinions, opinions I’ve no business being so sure of, having never subjected them to careful critique.

Writing things down, where others might see them, forces me think more carefully. Many things that seem just fine in my head start to fall apart in print. A few days ago, I started a post about weapons. It didn’t take more than a paragraph before it became painfully clear that I hadn’t really thought it through. Luckily you don’t have to read about my woefully prepared thoughts on weapons. If, however, we had met in person and the topic came up, you might have been subjected to disjointed rambling that never really went anywhere.

So I have started a project to write down some of the many things I ponder. I get to delete things I never should have said. I can face feedback on arguments that don’t land. Hopefully, I can build a better self-awareness of the strengths and limitations of my opinions. In the end it is of very little importance to you if you read my musings, but it is of vital importance to me that I write them as if you might.

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