Supportive Parents - a short film

Setting: The Great Room of a medieval english home. Three people sit close around a rough wooden table in the warm glow of a fire burning brightly upon the hearth.

Daughter: “If I don’t do this, if I don’t make this decision for myself, then I’ll never know. I’ll grow old an unhappy wondering if maybe, just maybe, things could have been different.”

Father holding wife’s hand: “Your mother and I haven’t been unhappy.”

Mother: “Well..”

Daughter: “You’ve never wondered what would happen if you just once in your life took a risk?”

Mother: “I’ve wondered, but I am content to let my imagination take the risk.”

Father smiling fondly at mother: “We’ve taken chances, just of a different sort”

Mother: “But, we’ve talked it over and if this is your decision, we support you.”

Daughter: “Really?”

Father: “Of course.”

Mother: “..and we couldn’t be prouder..”

Father: “..well..”

Mother: “Dear”

Father: “If your mind is made up…”

Daughter: “It is.”

Father pushing a small wash-leather purse onto the table: “..then we want you to have this.”

Daughter picking up the purse gasping: “But this is the last of it!”

Father dismissively: “We’ll survive till winter. I can do without a cold ale for a few months.”

Daughter: “I won’t be needing it, you’ll see, you will get every bit back.”

Mother: “Still, we want you to have it.”

Daughter: “I can’t say what this means to me.”

Father: “No need and no shame in backing out.”

Daughter: “No. no backing out. I guess this is it then.”

Mother: “Yes, I suppose it is.”

Daughter getting up: “Don’t tell grandfather”

Mother: “Not a word”

Daughter: “Here I go”

Daughter walks to the corner of the room turns around, takes a deep breath and then determinedly strides face-first into the mantle piece.

Daughter: “Ow!”

Mother grimaces

Daughter gingerly placing the purse on her face: “That hurt”

Father: “We imagined it might.”

Daughter: “Why didn’t you say so?”

Mother: “We did dear. Do you want to lie down?”

Daughter: “That might be for the best.”

Daughter holding up the purse: “The ice?”

Father: “Keep it, as I said there will be plenty in a few months.”

Daughter putting it back to her cheek: “Thanks …. Perhaps the doorframe?”

Mother: “Another time maybe. Bed for now.”

Daughter: “Alright.”

Father: “Alright.”

Mother: “Alright.”

Cut to credits.

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